Non-NHS Work Fees

Due to the high volume received, requests may take 1 to 2 weeks to process.

We will contact you by telephone to inform you when ready.

Please ensure we have a contact number available and inform us whether we can leave an answerphone message.

As these requests are non-NHS  they are carried out in the GP’s own time and as such, the GP’s are under no obligation to undertake this work.

The fees levied are in line with the BMA recommended guidelines.

Access to Records Under Data Protection Act

Computerised record (summary printout) – £10

Copy of manual records or combination of manual/computer – £10 to £50
Charge depends on amount of copying required, request must be put in


To whom it may concern letter – £25

Fit to fly, model, do tv, attend school etc – £25

Other Letters

Simple – one paragraph letter or basic certificate – £25

Complex – multi page documents or letter needing detailed review of patient – £50 to £120

We can advise the charge after looking at the document.


Holiday cancellation, private healthcare claim (ie bupa, axa etc), fit to parachute etc – £45 (charge applicable even if for charity)

Ofsted form – £87.50

Power of attorney – £60

Bus pass eligibility – £25

Volunteer work from, fit for life, (YMCA) –  Free of charge

Private Service

Private sick Note – £45

Full private medical examination (approx. 30 minutes) –  £120 all types

Private prescriptions – £20

Private consultation (10 minute appointment) – £80